Coming soon, Blue Vault’s BluePoints

Blue Vault’s BluePointsincorporates research on all alternative investments sold in the independent Broker Dealer investment channel. These product offerings include nontraded REITs, BDCs, and Closed-End Funds, Interval Funds, Other Direct Participation Programs (DPPs) and Private Offerings, including DST’s.

BluePoints will be introduced to include information about product offerings which are not required to file public documents with the SEC. BluePoints aggregates multiple performance metrics and makes it easy for its readers to stay up-to-date with historical private placement offerings, which were previously difficult to consolidate and track. While more thorough performance research is conducted by Blue Vault on REITs, BDCs, Closed-End Funds, Interval Funds, and Other DPPs, and included in separate publications, BluePointsalso includes ground-level information about these offerings.

BluePoints is a comprehensive IBD alternative investment research publication with content that is easy to read, navigate, and understand.

BluePoints is scheduled to be released this spring


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In addition to Blue Vault’s BluePoints, Blue Vault provides educational content and industry news and updates via:

  • The Vault… Blue Vault’s online library of historical data, providing subscribers with over 1,500 individual research pages and Quarterly Reviews, dating back to the 4th quarter of 2009.
  • Blue Vault’s Digest… delivered daily each week via email, this newsletter is designed to keep you informed of breaking and pertinent nontraded REIT industry news. Each Digest also contains a Blue Vault factoid, a one-to-two-sentence fact related to the industry, to keep you engaged and informed.

Blue Vault does not offer investment advice and does not make buy or sell recommendations for any of the private placements monitored.

Derek Hayes
Blue Vault's Services
April 14, 2016

BlueVault saves a lot of time and effort in obtaining good numbers for analysis and provides good insights to compare against my own.