Here’s what 2016’s attendees are saying about Blue Vault’s Summit:

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Best Due Diligence meeting in the industry. No sales pitches, senior level decision makers, meaningful discussions and the Broker Dealer networking sessions were especially useful. Thanks to Blue Vault for raising the bar!

Elizabeth Stevens SVP, Sandlapper Securities, LLC 2016 Broker Dealer Educational Summit 2016 May 30, 2016

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 The 3rd  Annual Blue Vault Broker Dealer Educational Summit was held March 13-15, 2017, at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Atlanta. Registration is by invitation only.


  • 3rd Annual Broker Dealer Conference
  • 3 Goals: Transparency, Education, Due Diligence
  • 3 Days: To network with your peers, and hear from, the top nontraded alternative investment (Nontraded REIT, BDC, CEF, Interval Fund and Private Placement) sponsors in the industry.



What to expect…

Broker Dealer Task Force

Blue Vault’s 3rd annual educational Summit will be held March 13-15. The purpose of the meeting is to give leading alternative investment product sponsors, including those offering nontraded REITs, nontraded BDCs, Interval Funds, and Private Placement offerings, a platform to demonstrate their investment strategy and expertise for the products they offer and answer questions posed by the industry’s leading Broker Dealers. 

Each party has a responsibility in the communication process. Sponsors have a need, and that need is to educate the Broker Dealer community about the benefits of their current open offerings. Broker Dealers have a need as well, but their need is much different. They must be informed and kept educated on the strategy and performance of the sponsor’s current open offerings, but also the sponsor’s offerings already closed to investors. It’s not an easy task to keep up with all the moving parts and changes happening in the alternative securities world these days. 

Therefore, Blue Vault brings together the leading players to converse in an attempt to create what Blue Vault’s, Stacy Chitty, calls a “robust dialogue” says Chitty, “Usually change is good, and that’s a good thing, because change is what’s happening in our industry today.  We just believe it’s fundamentally important to create an environment where serious information can be exchanged, and where hard questions can be asked and discussed. That’s what occurs at the Blue Vault Summit. The Broker Dealer attendees have a load of responsibility on their shoulders. We just try to help facilitate healthy conversation.” 

But Blue Vault has help doing so. A Broker Dealer task force is formed for each Summit to help guide the agenda and the overall discussion. The 2017 Summit task force is made up of industry veterans Amanda Teeple of Triad Advisors, Mike Pagano of 1st Global Capital, and Thayer Gallison of Advisor Group. Chitty adds, “They have been a tremendous help. They really know the market place and the important issues which need to be addressed during the meeting. They and their Broker Dealers are the type of leaders and influencers the IBD channel needs right now.  The success of the Summit would not get very far without their input and involvement.” Sixteen sponsors and personnel from approximately thirty Broker Dealers plan to attend and participate in the 2017 Summit, being held in Atlanta. 

Event App

Blue Vault will once again provide an event app to communicate a detailed agenda, venue map, announcements, attendee list, speakers, sponsors, surveys, and event documents.

We are excited to share that once again, this year, attendees will be given the opportunity to provide feedback to Blue Vault during the Summit.  In some cases, feedback and/or answers to questions will be tabulated and presented to the entire group in real-time.

A smart phone or tablet is all that is needed to participate and will help energize the discussion.  

Dine Arounds

As requested, Blue Vault will provide an opportunity for networking dine-arounds with Broker Dealers and Sponsors on the evening of Tuesday, March 14.

More Sponsors, additional alternative investment education, shorter event, and longer breaks.