November 2016

December 13, 2016

Nontraded REIT Sales
– $325.1 million
– $4,136.6 million YTD

Nontraded BDC Sales
– $87.0 million
– $930.4 million YTD

Nontraded Closed-End Fund Sales – New!
– $116.6 million
– $572.9 million August – November 2016

Private Placement Sales – New!
– $93.1 million
– $626.0 million (limited) January – November 2016

Total Alternative Investment Sales
– $621.8 million
– $6,265.9 million YTD

(Total Alternative Investment Sales include January – November for nontraded REIT, nontraded BDC , and (limited) Private Placement sales, August – November for nontraded Closed-End Fund and Interval Fund sales)
Disclaimer: Blue Vault did not track all interval fund and private placement sales until August 2016. Therefore, the total alternative investment sales figure YTD is higher than the $6.27 billion listed.  Monthly sales are provided to Blue Vault by each sponsor and are therefore not guaranteed to be accurate.
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Thomas E. Burns, III
July 29, 2015
February 22, 2016

I subscribe to Blue Vault to keep up with the sponsors and their wholesalers! The analysis keeps me up to date with the various portfolios and the way they are managed, including the differences between them.