Trump’s Impact on the Apartment Sector

November 22, 2016

Trump’s Impact on the Apartment Sector

Nov 21, 2016 |  | National Real Estate Investor

It’s far too early to tell what the Trump Presidency will mean for the apartment business—but experts have at least come up with their list of the biggest questions that a Trump White House poses for their business.

“The operative word for the commercial real estate sales market for the near future is ‘uncertainty,’” says Jay Parsons, vice president for MPF Research.

During the campaign, Trump made promises that would have an earthshaking effect on the real estate markets. His pledge to deported millions of undocumented immigrants would empty apartments around the country. A proposed $1 trillion infrastructure program could boost the economy. For now, though, real estate professionals are focused on more mundane proposals already underway in Congress.

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