The DI Wire’s Q&A With CNL CEO Tom Sittema

June 15, 2016



The DI Wire’s Q&A With CNL CEO Tom Sittema

Editor’s Note: The DI Wire had a chance to speak with Tom Sittema, the chief executive officer of CNL Financial Group, a private investment firm that provides global real estate and alternative investments. Tom also serves as the current chairman of the board at the Investment Program Association, a trade organization representing the direct investment industry.

Can you share a bit about your background and history within the direct investment space?

Before joining CNL, I was with Bank of America and Bank of America Merrill Lynch for almost 27 years. During my time there, I served as the U.S. sector head of REITs and lodging, with the responsibility for M&A advisory, equity, and debt capital raising assignments for my clients. That gave me a broad exposure of the direct investment industry including sponsors and products. My time at CNL has allowed me to be very involved with the space and gain an even deeper perspective.

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