NTR Sales Up 15% in June While BDC Sales Increase 17%, IF/CEF and PP’s Down

July 11, 2017

NTR Sales Up 15% in June While BDC Sales Increase 17%, IF/CEF and PP’s Down 

July 11, 2017 | by James Sprow | Blue Vault


Sales by nontraded REITs rose 15% in June. The May sales of $304.2 million reported to Blue Vault by nontraded REIT sponsors rose to $350.9 million in June. BDC sales reported in June were $74.3 million, up from $63.4 million in May, and above the $70.4 million monthly average for BDCs thus far in 2017. Blackstone REIT’s reported sales in June were $129.4 million, virtually the same as the $130.6 million in May. The Blackstone sales constituted 37% of reported nontraded REIT sales in June, down from 43% of the nontraded REIT industry sales in May.

Among leading sponsors in the nontraded REIT sector in June following Blackstone’s $129.4 million were:

Leading sponsors in the BDC sector with June sales were FS Investments ($43.1 million) and Owl Rock Capital Advisors ($7.6 million).

Blue Vault also reports sales for nonlisted Interval Funds and nonlisted Closed End Funds. June sales for these funds that were reported to Blue Vault totaled $133.3 million, down 13% from the $152.8 million reported in May. The largest total of sales by a sponsor of these products was $82.8 million by Griffin Capital Corporation and their Griffin Institutional Access Real Estate Fund. This fund’s sales were 62% of total sales reported for June in this sector.

Sponsors reported Private Placement sales of $150.5 million in June, down 9.2% from the $165.8 million reported in May. About 45% of the Private Placement sales reported in June were by Inland Real Estate Investment Corporation, with $67.3 million in two programs.

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Gil Armour, CFP
February 3, 2016

I have been using Blue Vault Partners for the past five years.  I have found them to be a valuable, unbiased resource when it comes to evaluating and comparing non-traded REITs.  The reports help me analyze which sponsors are doing a responsible job of managing their offerings.  This allows me to limit my REIT recommendations to only the most competitive products, and then track those REITs throughout their life cycle.