Investment Bankers Say REIT Outlook Remains Healthy

November 6, 2017

Investment Bankers Say REIT Outlook Remains Healthy

October 25, 2017 | Charles Keenan | REIT Magazine


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There’s a current of concern drifting through some in the investment banking community over what they view as a maturing real estate market recovery. On the other hand, many bankers see more of the same in 2018 as gross domestic product continues its path of modest growth combined with low interest rates and open debt markets.

REIT magazine spoke with bankers to gauge their outlooks for the real estate market in the coming year. 

What’s your general outlook for real estate for 2018? 

Greg Steele: A GDP growth rate next year of around 2 percent, similar to 2017, would support a relatively healthy real estate environment and probably mean lower long-term interest rates over the next year.

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