High Tech Now Essential For CRE

March 16, 2017

High Tech Now Essential For CRE

CHICAGO—Many in CRE have been slow to adopt new technology, but prospective tenants increasingly expect the transparency and data that high tech tools can provide, says Truss’ Bobby Goodman.

March 15, 2017 | by BRIAN J. ROGAL | GlobeSt

CHICAGO—Last month, GlobeSt.com reported the launching of Truss, a new Chicago-based start-up that aims to help smaller tenants efficiently find spaces that fit their needs. Its new platform already has complete information on more than 80% of Chicago’s spaces, and users can also get 3D virtual tours on properties they find interesting. GlobeSt.com spoke with Bobby Goodman, Truss co-founder, to get a broader overview of how technology has already changed commercial real estate, the impact of the many recent mergers in the tech world, and the future impact of virtual reality and artificial intelligence.    

Q: Why is CRE slow to adopt technology?

Like professionals in healthcare, retail or anything else, those in commercial real estate can get set in their ways. Commercial real estate is historically a relationship-based business with a focus on people and paper — posing a small hurdle to encourage tech adoption.

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