Griffin Launches $1 Billion Interval Fund

April 4, 2017

Griffin Launches $1 Billion Interval Fund

April 4, 2017 | The DI Wire

Griffin Capital has launched a $1 billion closed-end interval fund called the Griffin Capital Institutional Access Credit Fund. The fund is actively managed by global investment management firm, Bain Capital Credit.

“We are very pleased to announce the launch of the Griffin Institutional Access Credit Fund,” said the fund’s president Randy Anderson. “By providing individual investors with access to a portfolio of institutional, diversified credit instruments that draws upon the expertise and investment management skills of Bain Capital Credit, we are potentially enabling “Main Street” investors to capitalize on opportunities for income generation and capital appreciation that have previously been available only to large institutions.”

Assets in the fund’s portfolio may include bank loans, high-yield bonds, structured credit, middle-market direct loans and non-performing loans. The fund is structured as a ’40 Act interval fund and offers individual investors with periodic liquidity due to its obligation to repurchase a limited number of shares at certain intervals, typically quarterly.

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