Former CNL Execs Launch Impact Investments Firm

January 3, 2018

Former CNL Execs Launch Impact Investments Firm

December 21, 2017 | The DI Wire

Former CNL veterans Jeff Shafer and his brother Jonathan Shafer have launched CommonGood Capital, a financial services firm that focuses on raising capital for impact investments. Jeff Shafer is the former president of CNL Securities, while Jonathan Shafer previously served as a senior vice president of fund management at CNL Financial Group.

“For many working Americans, home ownership is just a pipedream. Stagnant wages over the last 10+ years for moderate income households have made home ownership challenging,” said chief executive officer Jeff Shafer. “The private investment fund we represent invests capital into manufactured housing communities that are more reasonably priced, thereby easing the demand for affordable, workforce housing.”

Jeff Shafer has more than 21 years of financial services industry experience and is responsible for business development, distribution and strategy at CommonGood Capital. Jeff was most recently managing partner for TriLinc Global and spent more than 18 years at CNL.

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