Five Fintech Buzzwords That Need to Die

April 24, 2019

Five Fintech Buzzwords That Need to Die

April 22, 2019 | Ryan W. Neal | Investment News

When it comes to confusing jargon and empty buzzwords, few fields are as guilty as the financial services or tech industry. When the two come together, it’s a Venn diagram of awful terminology.

The problem with jargon is it makes the industry intimidating for the average person. Most people don’t know what an ETF is, let alone bid-ask spreads, glide paths or basis points. It makes people feel like they need a business degree to understand investing, creating a barrier that prevents many from ever getting involved.

I know from personal experience. When I first started writing about the…

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Gregory De Jong, CFP, Co-Founder of Paragon Advisors, LLC.
July 7, 2015

Blue Vault is just what advisors need to size up the different offerings in the nontraded REIT market. Just as importantly, it’s what the industry needs to encourage best practices among REITs.