Don’t Miss Summit 2017

December 8, 2016

Don’t Miss Summit 2017

December 8, 2016 | by Beth Glavosek | Blue Vault


Mark your calendars! Blue Vault’s third annual Broker Dealer Educational Summit is March 13-15, 2017, at the Ritz-Carlton Atlanta. The Educational Summit brings together the brightest minds in the nontraded REIT, BDC, Interval Fund, and nontraded Closed End Fund industries to share ideas, common concerns, and solutions to today’s shifting regulatory and sales environment.

Last year’s Educational Summit attracted 20 plus different Broker Dealers with 31 attendees representing them. This year, Blue Vault expects to have more than 30 Broker Dealers in attendance.

As the result of feedback from our Broker Dealer partners, Blue Vault is making , including a slightly reduced conference length and more frequent networking and break times. The extended break times will allow for more interaction between colleagues and give Broker Dealer personnel substantial time to check email and return phone calls so they’re not so behind when returning to their offices.

“The actual program has been condensed into about 50 total hours instead of the previous year’s almost four days,” says Managing Partner Stacy Chitty. “As a result, overall sponsor presentation times will be a little shorter and more succinct, but still give sponsors ample time to make their case to the attendees. There will continue to be significant time for Broker Dealer-only discussion following each presentation as well.  Presentation formats will also have a mandate to more directly address the inner workings of sponsor firms and how they handle obstacles, difficulties, and problem areas. The goal is for Broker Dealer attendees to be given the opportunity to learn something new through robust dialogue during each presentation about the alternative investment sponsors and gain a greater understanding of how the sponsors can bring value to their firms.”

There will also be continued dialogue about the DOL rule and overall fee structures via panel discussions. A Broker Dealer task force has been assembled to help address the exact needs of the Broker Dealers. “Our goal for the Summit is transparency, education, and due diligence,” says Chitty. “We must deliver on that goal.”

Blue Vault looks forward to hosting 100 or more senior-level industry executives at Educational Summit 2017. Stay tuned for more details as program planning continues. Registration opens January 10 and runs through February 15.

“The Blue Vault Summit could not have been more perfectly timed. This gathering of the Broker Dealer and sponsor communities provided insightful and open discussion from several vantage points. These conversations are paramount, especially in a time of significant regulatory change.” – Matthew C. Strife

“The time proved extremely informative.” – Derek Hayes

“Best Due Diligence meeting in the industry. No sales pitches, senior level decision makers, meaningful discussions, and the Broker Dealer networking sessions were especially useful. Thanks to Blue Vault for raising the bar!” – Elizabeth Stevens

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Steve Siepak
Blue Vault session at the recent National Planning Holdings National Conference
September 13, 2017

The well-attended Blue Vault session at the recent National Planning Holdings National Conference was very well received. The value of their products was evidenced by the volume of questions from the attendees. Stacy Chitty, Managing Partner, did an excellent job of explaining the history, strategy and value of Blue Vault data.