Data Center Properties Create a Powerful Pull

September 7, 2016

Data Center Properties Create a Powerful Pull

Sep 6, 2016 |  | National Real Estate Investor

Technology is evolving exponentially. On all fronts—business, consumer, user—the Internet has become a necessity. Whether saving company files to the cloud, shopping on Amazon or streaming Netflix, all this data flows through one commercial real estate property type: data centers.

This greater demand for data presents a significant opportunity for investors in data center properties.

“Corporate clients in the past five years have migrated quickly from owning data center properties to sale/leaseback, colocation, managed services. They are more focused on third-party solutions (colocation, cloud, managed services), as well as flexibility for these services,” says Patrick Lynch, managing director for data center solutions at real estate services firm CBRE.

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Gregory De Jong, CFP, Co-Founder of Paragon Advisors, LLC.
July 7, 2015

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