Blue Vault and Bowman Law Team Up

June 19, 2018

Blue Vault and Bowman Law Team Up

June 19, 2018 | Blue Vault Partners


Blue Vault Partners, LLC is pleased to announce that its annual Broker Dealer Educational Summit in 2019 will be held in collaboration with The Bowman Law Firm, LLC, a leading 3rd party due diligence law firm, serving the independent Broker Dealer industry. Bowman Law is owned and managed by Catherine Bowman.
“We are very pleased that Catherine and her team will be formally joining us in the future to host the Summit, which convenes the best and brightest Broker Dealers in our industry for three days of education and networking,” says Blue Vault Managing Partner, Stacy Chitty.  “The Broker Dealer Summit is a unique event, as only the top sponsors each year are invited to attend.  Bowman Law is one of the most respected and well-run due diligence firms in our space, so it makes sense that we would find a way to work together on this exclusive gathering.”
Bowman Law, founded in 2008, specializes in conducting independent due diligence reviews on a wide array of public and private alternative investment products, including nontraded REITs, nontraded BDCs, interval funds, closed-end funds, other registered investment funds, private equity, 1031s and private placements, for its broker/dealer, investment advisor and other financial professional clients.
Blue Vault, founded in 2009, provides performance-based research on alternative investments to financial advisors and independent Broker Dealers.  Over 11,000 financial advisors have access to Blue Vault’s research through either direct or partnership subscriptions.  Blue Vault provides research on nontraded REITs, nontraded BDCs, interval funds and closed-end funds.  It also aggregates data on private placement offerings.  Blue Vault’s objective is to provide transparency and education to the independent Broker Dealer, financial advisor, and RIA market place.
“Bowman Law is pleased to be able to work with Stacy and the Blue Vault team to provide a high value education and networking event for broker dealers and investment advisers. Blue Vault provides a valuable performance-based research resource to broker dealers,” added Bowman.
Held the past 4 years, the Summit brings leading Broker Dealers and product Sponsors together to network and hear about the latest developments in the alternative investment industry. Along with program sponsor presentations, participants hear the views of industry experts on the most important topics of the day in panel discussions. Blue Vault also presents the results of recent special studies, including NTR Full-Cycle Performance, NTR Fee Studies and other research topics. 
The 2019 Blue Vault Bowman Broker Dealer Educational Summit will be held March 11-13 in Orlando.

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Thomas E. Burns, III
July 29, 2015
February 22, 2016

I subscribe to Blue Vault to keep up with the sponsors and their wholesalers! The analysis keeps me up to date with the various portfolios and the way they are managed, including the differences between them.