At Phillips Edison & Company, company culture is the driver of success

July 10, 2017

At Phillips Edison & Company, company culture is the driver of success

With expertise in grocery-anchored shopping centers, this commercial real estate company has a commitment to community in its DNA.

June 5, 2017 | by Stephanie Walden | Cincinnati.com

While Cincinnati-based Phillips Edison & Company(PECO) deals in commercial real estate — a term that likely conjures mental images of blue-suited men and briefcases — its focus is more neighborhood than skyscraper. The company owns and operates more than 340 grocery-anchored shopping centers (i.e. the convenient strip that houses your go-to Kroger’s — and every other shop you visit on a weekly basis) around the U.S.

This niche automatically infuses Phillips Edison’s company culture with more of an employee focus than its larger competitors, and an emphasis on work life balance. Emily Kendall, the director of marketing and communications at Phillips Edison, said that as a working parent (she’s a first-time new mom), the workplace support makes a world of difference.

“We all think of one another like family, and that translates into care and respect for our families outside of work. The company does a great job of respecting our time with our kids,” she said. “It’s great that they’re recognizing that working parents are a valuable asset. You learn a whole new set of skills as a parent — like how to use your non-dominant hand when you’re holding a child,” she jokes.

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