106 North American real estate companies increase dividends YTD

September 28, 2016

106 North American real estate companies increase dividends YTD

September 2016 | Andrew Barnes | S&P Global

Editor’s note: This Data Dispatch is updated on a recurring basis. Click here to view these charts in Excel format, and for further dividend analysis, use the Real Estate Dividends Template in SNL’s Template Library.

Year-to-date through Sept. 16, 106 SNL-covered North American real estate companies had announced dividend raises, with 86 companies based in the United States, 11 in Canada and nine in Mexico.

The specialty real estate sector, which includes data center, single family, student housing and other types of companies, dominated the group, with 17 companies announcing dividend increases year-to-date through Sept. 16. Trailing closely behind in second and third place were the diversified and hotel sectors with 15 and 14 companies increasing their dividends, respectively.

Year-to-date, the self-storage sector has seen the largest portion of its companies raising dividends, with four of the six SNL-covered North American self-storage companies bumping up their payouts. Both the specialty and healthcare sectors saw just shy of half of their component companies announce dividend increases, while the office sector witnessed the smallest relative portion of raises, with seven of the 32 component companies raising dividends through Sept. 16.

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