CION Investments Unveils Rebranding, More Collaborative Platform

November 1, 2018

CION Investments Unveils Rebranding, More Collaborative Platform

November 1, 2018 | Beth Glavosek | Blue Vault


After more than a decade of sponsoring institutional-quality investments for retail investors, CION Investments believes that the time is right to challenge the status quo when it comes to connecting with the investing public.

Widely considered one of the most successful business development companies (BDCs) in the market, the company’s flagship CION Investment Corporation paved the way for retail investors to have direct access to the kind of private opportunities that generally only institutional investors know about.
Yet, while the BDC’s track record has enjoyed six years of outperformance investing in credit for the U.S. middle market, investors may still need more options for the income portion of their portfolios. That’s why CION, in 2017, launched the CION Ares Diversified Credit Fund to provide investors with an income strategy that is dynamic and flexible, and could better adjust to the ebbs and flows of the markets. “Unfortunately, the alternative investment industry in general hasn’t done a good job of speaking effectively to retail investors,” says Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer Mark Gatto. “Our rebrand is geared towards raising the bar in terms of educating and communicating with everyday investors and their advisors.”
With a new mission of “Changing the Way Investors Invest” and a tagline of “Expect More for Your Portfolio,” CION plans to reach those who may not be aware that alternatives like credit investing are not only available to them; they can be a viable and sensible part of their portfolios. “In an age of uncertainty with rising interest rates, an increasingly volatile stock market and an evolving global economy, investors need to understand all of their options and what is best for them. We’re educating people that they don’t have to settle for the status quo,” Gatto says. “The traditional ‘60/40’ stock and bond portfolio accepted by many may not be enough for investors to meet their long-term investment goals.”

CION’s rebrand includes adding upgraded, easier-to-understand educational features to its redesigned website. Readers can expect to see “Credit 101”-type features, as well as commentaries and analysis that will help guide them in their decision-making. Advisors can take advantage of a new Advisor Lab feature that includes everything from information on how to educate clients about investment strategies to practice management and value-added tools to help them build their businesses.
CION believes that its new approach will help advisors and investors become more familiar and comfortable with alternative investments as a staple allocation in portfolios. “We’re living in a complicated investment world today, and we want to help investors feel confident that they can make better decisions for their portfolios,” says Gatto.

The new branding and website was unveiled this week.


Learn more about CION Investment Group on the Blue Vault Sponsor Focus page

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