Blue Vault Presented at Voya’s VFA Alternatives Forum

July 26, 2017

Blue Vault Presented at Voya’s VFA Alternatives Forum


Stacy H. Chitty, Blue Vault’s Managing Partner, presented, “Nontraded REITs are Like Mules” this week at the Voya Alts Forum.

Voya Montage

BDPP_colorABC_200pxWideBlue Vault participated at the Voya Alternative Investments Forum this past Wednesday in Houston, TX, where Managing Partner, Stacy H. Chitty, provided a market update on alternative investments sold in the independent Broker Dealer securities industry.  Voya is a participant in Blue Vault’s Broker Dealer Partnership Program (BDPP).  Broker Dealers participating in Blue Vault’s partnership program receive Blue Vault’s fact-based, performance alternative investment research.  This research is made available to the Broker Dealer’s financial advisors at no additional cost to the advisors.  26 industry Broker Dealers are Blue Vault partnership program participants.  Participating in the BDPP is separate from subscribing to Blue Vault’s research.

To learn more about the VFA Alternative Forum, click here.

View the BDPP participants here

Curious about becoming a Broker Dealer participant or a supporting sponsor?

Email Brooke.Heffington@BlueVaultPartners.com or dial 678-456-4290.


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